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BURGER AND THE BEAST play the music of Frank Zappa as best we can, whilst trying to put our own little stamp on it.

We are not a massive band, with a multitude of musicians - we are basically a five piece blues-rock band doing the best we can to bring Frank's music to life in the pubs and clubs of the UK (where it has been sorely lacking for too many years) and have a bloomin good time in doing so!

We are under no illusions...

Since Frank's passing, the closest you'll get to the real deal is ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA: Dweezil Zappa performing his father's music as closly as is humanly possible, with an absolutely fantastic band of musicians joining him for the ride. For more information visit the official ZPZ website

But of course nothing beats the original. Frank left a massive back catalog of sounds for the world to enjoy, and all the information about this and everything else Zappa can be found at the official FZ website:

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Random Zappa Quote:

I never set out to be weird. It was always other people who called me weird.